TNEA CODE : 1512

Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)


Programme Outcomes (POs)
PO1Graduates will have sound Engineering knowledge in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, analyze and solve the engineering problems.
PO2Graduates will apply mathematical logics, algorithmic principles and theory of computation to analyze the approximation problems for designing coding template.
PO3Graduates will enable to propose their own innovative ideas to design simulate and develop the real time hardware and software systems within the realistic constraints.
PO4Graduates will have sound knowledge on digital circuits with its functional units to investigate the troubleshoot problems in architectural configuration.
PO5Graduates will be able to use modern tools to simulate the packet delay, time sharing in multi-task environment and space complexity in algorithm analysis.
PO6Graduates will have the broad education to understand the impact of engineering solution in a global, economic, environmental and societal context.
PO7Graduates will be able to understand the impact of IT on the society and also aware of addressing the contemporary issues.
PO8Graduates will imply the knowledge in dealing with the professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues with their responsibilities.
PO9Graduates will have the ability to work individually and also in multi-disciplinary teams to develop themselves to become an entrepreneur.
PO10Graduates will have the potential to improve the soft skills for global interaction through their verbal and written skill proficiency.
PO11Graduates will able to apply design, code, develop and testing with management principles in the construction of software project within the financial constraints.
PO12Graduates will understand the need for software quality and development timeliness, lifelong learning for adopt themselves accordingly to the business eco system.


Programme Educational Objectives
PEO 1Priming of Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering principles to develop employable skills
Graduates will be provided with sound foundation in Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering fundamental
to formulate, analyze and solve the engineering problems.
PEO 2Sound Knowledge in Core programming and modern tools usage to design software projects
Graduates will be provided with the enriched knowledge in theoretical and practical subjects, for usage of
modern tools and to develop software projects within financial constraints.
PEO 3Technical, interpersonal and ethical Proficiency to become a System Analyst
Graduates will be trained in soft skills like communication, inter personal relationship, group discussion etc.
for placement and become a competent self-employee.
PEO 4Progressive research for the growth of society and nation by developing an Expert system
Graduates will be imparted with the technical knowledge, ethical values to solve the contemporary issues
by working in multi-disciplinary ambiance, whose solutions lead to societal benefits.
PEO 5Competence Profession by lifelong learning to become a successful Entrepreneur
Graduates will be inculcated the habit of lifelong learning for career development through further continual
studies and industrial training.